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Please see information below.  

Dear Parents and carers of our year 6 pupils,

For the year 6 leavers of 2022 we would like to offer you the opportunity of purchasing a leavers hoodie. We think this is a great leavers gift for the children with which will provide them with a lasting memory of the time spent at Newall Green Primary School and the friends they have all made. Each hoodie will have the school logo embroidered on the front and the number 22 in large print on the back filled with all pupils currently in year 6 as per the example picture.

The hoodies are priced at £16.96 (£20.46 for adult sizes)

We have chosen to work with a company who are providing many benefits to the school as well as the facility for parents to purchase the hoodies online. Here is the link to Schools unique link to the online shop.  Please note that this link will be available on your class page of the school spider website from Friday 27th May. 


The shop will be open for a limited period until Monday 13th June.  If you would like to purchase a hoodie, please make sure you do this within the timeframes set in order to be included in the bulk order and benefit from the price offered to the school.

Once you have logged in to the online shop you will have the opportunity to select your required size and colour and pay online. Delivery will be made in bulk to the School approximately 2-3 weeks after the closing date of the online shop.

Ideally, we would like to include all year 6 children’s names on the back of the 2022 leavers hoodie. However, we completely understand if you would prefer not to have your childs name listed.  Please inform your class teacher if you do not wish for your child’s name to be included.  There will also be a tick box within the shop for you to provide your permission for us to include your child’s name.

We hope this has provided you with enough information for you to make your purchase.

Here are some further Q&As that you might find useful:

How do I know which size to order?

In the image section of the online shop there is a detailed size chart, please check these measurements on your child if you are unsure of what size to order.

When can I expect to receive the hoodie I ordered?

Bulk delivery of the hoodies will be made to the school approximately 3 week after the final order date of  Monday 13th June. 

Can I order more than 1 hoodie?

Of course, however please let us know within the notes section if there are any special requests of who the hoodie should be given too etc.

If I don’t have access to the online shop or a credit card to pay online with, is there any other way to order?

We would appreciate it if as many people as possible utilised the online shop and we have chosen this option to make it easier for both the parents and the PTA. However, if you are having difficulties with this method, please let the School know and we will find a suitable way to assist you. 

If I miss the last order date, will I still be able to purchase a leavers hoodie?

If you miss the last order date your child’s hoodie will not be included in the bulk school order. We have negotiated a price for the hoodies based on a bulk school order quantity, please do make sure you order on time to help us fulfil this. Our supplier does accept late orders, but this will be treated as an individual order and the cost of the hoodie will be much more expensive at £55.00 each, including home delivery. The higher price is due to print and labour costs which individual orders are subject to. Hoodies that are ordered late will not be delivered with the bulk school order and will be received at a later date.

What kind of quality are the hoodies?

Throughout the decision-making process of the leaver’s hoodies supplier, we sampled the quality of the hoodie and determined that they are of a decent quality. A full description of the hoodie and details of the material as well as care instructions can be viewed within the online shop. Please follow these in order to extend the wear of the hoodie.

If you have any further questions, please do let us know.

Many thanks,

Mrs Campbell and Mrs Ackerley

School 2022 leavers hoodies are being provided by:

  : sales@hartlandhoodies.com   : www.hartlandhoodies.com 

Monday's and Friday's Booster Club.

Your children have been invited to a 30 minute booster club ran with Mr Whitfield on a Monday and Friday leading up to easter half term. The club will focus on reading, writing and numeracy. 

Friday 11th February Update



Hello 6SW,

Please find attached the topics that we are covering this term.

In addition to these topics, we will also be participating in regular outdoor learning and PE. 

Outdoor learning clothing is essential every Thursday. Waterproof clothing and suitable footwear.

PE clothing is essential every Wednesday. Waterproof, breathable clothing and suitable footwear.


Homework will be given each Wednesday to be returned the following Monday.

Spellings will be handed out every Friday for a test the following Friday.


Each day we monitor reading at home. We expect children to read 3/4 times a week and to evidence this in their home diary., 


Our topics:

History: World War 1

Geography: Europe

Science: Circuits

Art:  Russian Art


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