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Miss Woodward

Dear Parents and carers,


For the Newall Green Leavers of 2021, we would like to offer you the opportunity of purchasing a leavers hoodie. We think this is a great leavers gift for the children with which will provide them with a lasting memory of the time spent at Newall Green and the friends they have all made. Each hoodie will have the school logo embroidered on the front and the number 21 in large print on the back filled with all pupils currently in year 6 first and surname as per the example picture.

The hoodies are priced at £16 each (+3.50 for adult sizes).

We have chosen to work with a company who are providing many benefits to the school as well as the facility for parents to purchase the hoodies online. Here is the link to Schools unique link to the online shop. This link will be on the school spider website by the end of Friday 28th May.


The shop will be open for a limited period until 11th June.  If you would like to purchase a hoodie, please make sure you do this within the timeframes set in order to be included in the bulk order and benefit from the price offered to the school.

Once you have logged in to the online shop you will have the opportunity to select your required size and colour and pay online.  Delivery will be made in bulk to the School approximately 2-3 weeks after the closing date of the online shop.

Ideally, we would like to include all year 6 children’s first name and surname on the back of the 2021 leavers hoodie. However, we completely understand if you would prefer not to have your child’s name listed.  Please inform us as soon as possible if you do not wish for your child’s name to be included.  There will also be a tick box within the shop for you to provide your permission for us to include your child’s name.


We hope this has provided you with enough information for you to make your purchase.


Here are some further Q&As that you might find useful:

How do I know which size to order?

In the image section of the online shop there is a detailed size chart, please check these measurements on your child if you are unsure of what size to order.

When can I expect to receive the hoodie I ordered?

Bulk delivery of the hoodies will be made to the school approximately 2-3 week after the final order date of 18th June.

Can I order more than 1 hoodie?

Of course, however please let us know within the notes section if there are any special requests of who the hoodie should be given too etc.

If I don’t have access to the online shop or a credit card to pay online with, is there any other way to order?

We would appreciate it if as many people as possible utilised the online shop and we have chosen this option to make it easier for both the parents and the PTA. However, if you are having difficulties with this method, please let the School know and we will find a suitable way to assist you. 

If I miss the last order date, will I still be able to purchase a leavers hoodie?

If you miss the last order date your child’s hoodie will not be included in the bulk school order. We have negotiated a price for the hoodies based on a bulk school order quantity, please do make sure you order on time to help us fulfil this. Our supplier does accept late orders, but this will be treated as an individual order and the cost of the hoodie will be much more expensive at £55.00 each, including home delivery. The higher price is due to print and labour costs which individual orders are subject to. Hoodies that are ordered late will not be delivered with the bulk school order and will be received at a later date.

What kind of quality are the hoodies?

Throughout the decision-making process of the leaver’s hoodies supplier, we sampled the quality of the hoodie and determined that they are of a decent quality. A full description of the hoodie and details of the material as well as care instructions can be viewed within the online shop. Please follow these in order to extend the wear of the hoodie.

If you have any further questions, please do let us know.

Many thanks,

Mrs Campbell and Mrs Ackerley


School 20201 leavers hoodies are being provided by:

 › : sales@hartlandhoodies.com  : www.hartlandhoodies.com   


Wednesday 21 April

Dear Parents/Carers of children in Year 6,

We have great pleasure in announcing that we have had the go ahead to be able to attend our Year 6    residential trip. We will be returning to Cholmondeley Castle again this year from  Wednesday 30th June  -  Friday 2nd July 2021. 

The experience will once again be ran by THE BUSHCRAFT COMPANY who take the students into the wild and give them real back-to-nature experiences they will never forget. 

Children will travel by coach on the Wednesday 30th June to Cholmondeley Castle in Cheshire where they will then take part in lots of exciting BUSHCRAFT ACTIVITIES such as Camouflage and Concealment,     Archery and Tomahawk throwing, Shelter Building and Night Time Stalking Games.    Children will return to school on Friday 2nd July in time for home time.

For more information click here to download information pack.  If you would like a paper copy, please let your class teacher know.

We are offering this trip at a massively reduced price of £60 per child (school will subsidise the rest as the trip would normally cost  £170).   If you would like your child to join in the fun, please send the slip back below along with a £10 deposit  -  this must be paid by FRIDAY 30th APRIL 2021.  You can pay the rest of the cost in instalments if you wish and Kath will give you a payment card so you can see exactly how much you have paid.

All money must be paid in full by FRIDAY 28TH MAY 2021.

We hope you and your child are as excited about this residential as much as we are and hope your child will choose to take part.  However, we will take behaviour into account in the lead up to the residential and if we feel that your child is unable to follow adult instructions appropriately then we will not be able to take them for the health and safety of themselves and others.   

If you have any questions regarding the trip, please don’t hesitate to call school and speak to a member of the Year 6 team.

Your sincerely,

Mrs Campbell and Mrs Ackerley

Year 6 Phase Leaders






Starting next Thursday (18.3.21) it will be our class' turn to be the Charity Champions. The children taking part signed up to join this group last term. The sessions will be on Thursdays at 3pm - 3:45pm. Your child will receive more information on this in the next few days if they signed up. 

Next week we will also be starting up our after school booster sessions again to help the children with the learning missed in year 5 and to try to build their confidence in the core subjects before heading off to high school. These sessions will now be on Monday evenings at 3pm-4pm. I hope this change of evening does not cause any issues for those who previously attended. If your child would like to join this group please ask them to speak to me about it. Our first session will be on Monday 15th March. 

Thank you,

Miss Woodward




Dear parents and carers of 6TW,

Staring this week, Literacy, Numeracy and Spelling homework will be sent out on Friday's as previously mentioned on our class page. If you have any objection to homework being sent home in books as you would prefer to not have items from school in your home then please let me know before Friday and I will do my best to make sure these are not sent. The alternative, if you are not happy for homework books to come home, is that you would access each week's homework on our class page on the school website, this can then be printed at home, completed and returned to school by Tuesday morning at the latest. All children are still required to complete their homework and bring it back to school on time. If anyone does not complete their homework on time then they will recieve a breaktime detention to complete the missed work. 

Also, starting from next Thursday, I will be running an afterschool group for any children who wish to join, in this session we will work on areas that your child might struggle with, some things that were missed from the Year 5 curriculum due to lockdown and other tasks that will aim to enhance your child's learning. This session will run from 3pm - 4pm and will cover a range of subjects depending on need. Please let me know as soon as possible if you wish for your child to join this group. 


Finally, your children have made a wonderful start to their time in Year 6 and have already showed me that they are ready to take on the challenges of this year! They are working exceptionally hard and are an incredible group who already make me incredibly proud to be their teacher! 

Thank you, 

Miss Woodward. 





Welcome back year 6! We are really excited to see you all and to get started on our new adventure – your last year at Newall Green. 

We hope that you have had a lovely summer break and that you are ready and raring to go. 

Here is some information for you all to read before you come back to school. 

When you come to school on Thursday 3rd September, you will need to come with an adult to the year 6 gate (Peace Garden gate).  We will be waiting there for you to let you in after a quick temperature check.  Your adult needs to stay with you whilst this is done so that we can make sure that you are fit and well to start the day. 

You need to be in your normal school uniform and if you have a packed lunch, please make sure that it is disposable if possible.  You just need to bring yourselves (and maybe a packed lunch).  Please don’t bring any personal items from home such as; pencil cases, toys, books etc. 

We will explain everything to you and help you through your first day when we are all together. 

From next week (7.9.20), we will be starting PE and outdoor learning on a weekly basis.  You will need to come in your full PE kit on the day that you do PE (no football kits and needs to be suitable for outdoor PE).  On a Friday, you will need to come to school in clothes appropriate for outdoor learning – these need to be old clothes which are suitable for all weathers – please do not wear anything that you do not want to get muddy. 

PE for 6SW and 6AC will be on a Wednesday.  PE for 6TW will be on a Tuesday. 

Monday –      full uniform

Tuesday –    6SW and 6AC full uniform. 

                     6TW PE kit

Wednesday – 6TW full uniform

                   6AC and 6SW PE kit

Thursday –   full uniform

Friday –       All classes outdoor learning clothes

When we first come back to school, we will be doing lots of transition activities and PSHE (Personal, social and health education).  We will also be starting our new topics which are:

History:       Victoria and key Victorians

Geography:   climate change, biodiversity and plastic pollution.

Art:             painting, sculpting and creating flowers.

Science:       fungi, bacteria and leaves.

RE:              Sikhism.

MFL:            French


Homework will be given out on a Friday and needs to be returned by the following Tuesday at the latest. 

Spellings will also be given out on a Friday and the spelling test will be on the following Friday. 

You will be given a reading book which you need to take home with you and read every night and then bring back to school every day.  You will need to have your planner/diary signed to show that you have been reading each night.  Your planner/diary also needs to be brought into school every day.

We will soon be starting an after-school homework club in each class – more information will be given about this soon.

We can't wait to see you tomorrow.

All the best,

The year 6 team.

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