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Welcome to The POD. 

The POD is an Alternative Provision which was established in 2019 and works closely with Bridgelea Primary School. Children who attend this provision have a personalised curriculum that meets their social, emotional and academic needs and are at risk of being permanently excluded due to these difficulties. Places are allocated within the provision via the panel at Bridgelea for children who have an Education, Health and Care plan (EHCP), who are requiring an assessment place ahead of their EHCP application or who need respite from their current school setting.

There are only a small number of children within each classroom in the POD.  Within Class VA (YR-Y3), you will be taught by Mrs Andrews, Miss Smith and Debbie and in Class JS (Y3-Y6), you will be taught by Mrs Stroud, Sally and David.


Outdoor Learning - We are very active in the POD and do lots of outdoor learning.  Given the fact the weather in England, can be very wet and miserable, we advise that your child bring a change of clothes and socks to change into, just in case they get wet.  We also advise for them to bring wellies to school, as a bit of mud isn't going to stop us!  We do provide water proof trousers, but these may not always keep them completely dry.

Water bottles - It is always important for your child to stay hydrated and give their brain and muscles fuel to learn, so please provide a newly filled, fresh bottle of water to school everyday to drink.

Reading - Reading at home is so important and this should be completed each day for 10 minutes. This can be done with their school reading book, or they can access their next lesson Reading Eggs  or visit the Reading Eggs library.  Please write a daily log of reading at home in their school planner.

Key words - Every child will have their own individual set of key words to learn each week and they can do this by using the probes or wordsearches we provide for you.

The POD curriculumthe children are taught at “stage not age”, and many demonstrate difficulties in learning due to their SEMH needs. We aim to develop key skills and through providing a safe, inclusive learning environment, and breakdown some of the barriers to learning that the children may have.



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