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Meet the Nursery Teachers:

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Dates to remember:

Clever finger autumnal stay and play will be on Tuesday 26th September 2023. Further details to follow! 

Important Information

  • The Nursery children need to arrive at school by 8.45am and will finish at 3:00pm.
  • If you are late to school please sign your child in at the main school office, this is also the case if you are collecting early.
  • Our PE day will be every Friday. Please make sure that your child comes into school in their PE kit. This includes pumps/trainers, joggers/leggings, white t-shirt and jumper as it is outdoors. If possible please avoid hooded tops for safety.


  • Please provide your child with a water bottle for use throughout the day which is clearly labelled with their name.
  • Don't forget to write your child's name in any clothing/shoes to prevent them from getting lost.
  • Please can you remember to pre-order your child's dinner on Parent Pay. If you need any support please either contact the Nursery Team or the office.
  • If you are providing your child with a packed lunch, please ensure that all fruit (such as grapes) are cut vertically to prevent the risk of choking.

In the Summer Term we begin to introduce Read Write Inc.

At Newall Green Primary School we use Read Write Inc programme to ensure children are given their very best start with reading and phonics. 

Please take a look at the below videos on how you can best support your child at home:

Parent video: Why read to your child?

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Parent video: 10 things to think about when you read to your child

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Tapestry activities:

  • Bedtime Story Books: Each night you can read this story to your child to help develop their understanding of novels and linguistics. It is an opportunity to ask questions about the book to allow them to build on their comprehensive skills. Some questions you may want to ask are... Where is the front cover? What is the title of the story? What is the name of the person who write the story? This can also conclude into the child become an author and innovating the story! To make sure that your child is not stuck with the same book, each class has their own book swap day! The books will be changed once a week, so please bring them back with your book bag into school on a Thursday for NHA and on a Tuesday for NAC.
  • Clever fingers- A range of exciting activities will be posted on tapestry every week to support your child to flourish in thier fine motor/early writing skills. The activities are easy to prepare and most importantly fun to do! 


Most importantly, every classroom in Nursery is illumanitve of the children's learning, creativity and awe of imagination!  Here is a little sneak peak.....


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Clever Fingers Stay and Play, by Miss Granger

Coffee Morning - 20.09.23, by Miss Granger

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