Equality Objectives

1. OBJECTIVE:2022-2023
During 2021-2022 to complete the Elklan accreditation. This should be completed by
December 2022. We have chosen to develop teacher’s understanding so that children with
communication barriers to learning can access the curriculum content more easily.

2. OBJECTIVE: - 2022-2023
The training was put on hold during 2021-2022 for the Nurture UK award. Staff had began to
evidence the impact of the nurture approach within classrooms however, Covid restricted
our access to training.

3. OBJECTIVE: - 2022-2023
To develop children’s understanding that gender should not limit ability or expectations
particularly for girls within school regardless of culture. Lesson observations have evidenced
that girls in particular cultures are not encouraged to flourish in the same way as boys by
their peers and family groups. 

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At Newall Green Primary School, we are a Peace Mala and Rights Respecting School. We provide an environment where the children feel happy, safe and ready to learn.
We use the five key skills for life; problem solving, teamwork, self-management (initiative, organisation, accountability), self-belief (confidence, resilience, positive attitude), and communication, so we are ‘Aiming High to Reach Our Goals’.

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