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Becoming a Nurturing School

At Newall Green Primary School, we strive to be a ‘nurturing school’ as we believe it is important to ensure our pupils are in a nurturing environment that supports them to learn. Nurture helps us to develop our social and emotional skills to support our development as well as to develop our resilience. To do this we aiming to ensure we promote and embed Nurture UK’s “Six Principles of Nurture” across the whole school environment and to work together to gain The National Nurturing Schools Award in 2022-2023.


Moving forward with Nurture

With the new school year on the horizon, the principle “The importance of transition in children’s lives” is very prominentWhatever stage your child is at on their school journey, it is vital that we work together to create a smooth transition.

When we return in September, our children will be working hard to develop “child friendly”  version of the principles, to develop our understanding of what they mean in practice. 

A snap shot of some of the Nurturing approaches we already use in school:

  • Building positive relationships
  • Weekly awards and achievement celebrations
  • Wrap around care—Breakfast and After School Clubs
  • Bronze Rights Respecting Award; we empower our children to understand their rights and the rights of others
  • Use of Elklan strategies to ensure we are continually communication friendly for all our children and families
  • Parental support
  • Reinforcement of positive behaviours
  • Student Council; we encourage our child to have a voice and work together to make changes

Suggested activities to do with your child over summer

  • Make an “I am safe at school” poster about feeling safe at NGPS. Think about what makes you feel safe, the people that make you feel safe and what makes you feel safe.
  • If you could create a “safe space”, what would you have in it? Can you draw and label it?
  • Can you create a superhero for a positive feeling? e.g. Captain Caring; Magnificent Man
  • How would you spread happiness through the world? What rules would you make? How would you share your message?  You could write a poem or song.
  • Write a list of goals ready for your new school year.
  • Write a letter or create a fact file your new class teacher telling them everything about you.




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At Newall Green Primary School, we provide an environment where pupil feel happy, safe and ready to learn the knowledge and skills identified within the national curriculum. We recognise every child as a unique individual and we aim for all of our pupils to have the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable them to be successful in their future careers.

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