Newall Green Primary safeguard their children by:  

  • Having designated safeguarding staff: Mrs Rudd,  Head of School, Mrs Perry, Safeguarding Lead Mr Rudd and Governor Sarah Drake, with Deputy Safeguarding staff, Lisa Redford, Vanessa Andrews and Evelyn Uche making sure they are well trained.
  • Making our children and adults feel safe in school by having clear steps to follow if anyone is worried or concerned. We ask Manchester Safeguarding Children Board for advice if we need it.
  • Encouraging all our children, parents and staff to be themselves, no matter what their race, religion, family background or state of health.
  • Making sure we know why children are off school, and helping them to be in school if we can.
  • Attending meetings about individual pupils and making sure that personal information is kept confidential
  • Being open and honest with children and parents when something is wrong and working together with them to make things better

The DfE Keeping children safe in education Statutory guidance for schools and colleges September 2020 document can be found here: The DfE Keeping children safe in education

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At Newall Green Primary School, we provide an environment where pupil feel happy, safe and ready to learn the knowledge and skills identified within the national curriculum. We recognise every child as a unique individual and we aim for all of our pupils to have the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable them to be successful in their future careers.

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