We were recently visited by a representative from Balfour Beatty who was discussing the work the company do with the children as well as showing them rock samples that were millions of years old.
So impressed was Philip with our students enquiring minds he has sent Mrs Rudd link to a programme on BBC Two’s Digging for Britain, on Tuesday 11th January at 8pm, before being made available on BBC iPlayer - Britain’s largest ‘Sea Dragon’ discovered in UK’s smallest county.
Your children to whom I spoke, so enthusiastic about on life near their school 200m years ago, might enjoy this! I think it’s on BBC Tuesday night. An ichthyosaur was one of the graphics I included in my framed commentary. This is roughly the same age as the core section – give or take a few million years (nothing in geological time). Also, Rutland and Cheshire aren’t that far apart when we’re talking about the Pangean supercontinent.
I’d love to come up to Newall Gn and talk to them again about this – they were so responsive and some of their questions had me thinking – but I’m now in the Stafford area, looking after three GI projects. But you can tell them it was found not far away from where that engineer with the big beard went to school – though I’m not so old that I knew the fish!
Philip G Dumelow
Senior Materials Engineer | Balfour Beatty | UK Construction Services - North & Midlands | West Delivery Unit

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