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Support for Young Carer’s at Newall Green Primary School

What is a Young Carer?

A young carer is a young person aged 5 – 16 who looks after someone who couldn’t manage without their help. This could mean looking after a parent, brother or sister, grandparent or family friend who has a disability, long term illness, or drug and alcohol related issues.  There are probably more young carers out there than you think. They take on extra responsibilities, like dressing the person they look after, cooking, cleaning, shopping, collecting prescriptions. It's a lot to take on as a child. The young person does not necessarily have to have an active role in the support but may be more independent due to the support needed for other members of the family.

In England, approximately 800,000 young carers aged 5-17 care for an adult or family member and 27% of young cares age 11-15 miss school. Growing up should be about exploring and finding out who you are. But for young carers who have to look after a loved one, it's a little more tricky. Having to care for someone can often mean missing school or having to bail on friends. It can put their childhood on the back burner. Many young carers, and the people around them, don't even realise they're carers. 

Our aims for our Young Carer’s:

  • Young carers attend and enjoy school and reach their full potential.
  • Young carers’ wellbeing is improved and they are better prepared for independent lives
  • Young carers have the same life opportunities as other children.
  • Parents and carers are supported to enable their children to attend school
  • A school culture is created which is fully accessible, and understands and respects disability and caring.

How do we support Young Carer’s at Newall Green?

We have a Young Carer’s Register in school, we add children to that register when we feel that they have a caring role at home. You can also contact the school to request that your child is added to our Young Carer’s List.

Our Young Carer’s Lead is Sarah Burton

Mrs Burton is the point of contact for Young Carer’s in school. Throughout the school year activities will be planned for our Young Care’s to take part in. We also have support from our Place2Be Therapist who is currently working with some of our Young Carer’s in a small group.

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