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Our Parent / Family Support Officer is Evelyn Uche. She is based in main school and available via appointment. Evelyn provides a link between teachers/schools and families and has access to a wide variety of services and advice for the benefit of parents/carers. You can drop in for a chat during School hours or phone to make an appointment 0161 437 2872 or email Evelyn 

Below you will find useful tip sheets with advice for parents & carers from the PEN Network group 

Tip sheets for parents

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At Newall Green Primary School, we are a Peace Mala and Rights Respecting School. We provide an environment where the children feel happy, safe and ready to learn.
We use the five key skills for life; problem solving, teamwork, self-management (initiative, organisation, accountability), self-belief (confidence, resilience, positive attitude), and communication, so we are ‘Aiming High to Reach Our Goals’.

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