Mental Health for Parents / Carers

As a school, we are keen to help look after the mental health of parents/carers. We have carried out a number of activities this year to promote wellbeing and we have more planned for the next academic year:

  • During Parents’ Evening in April 2019, Evelyn handed out information leaflets containing information on various mental health conditions. Leaflets are still available in the Whitehouse Centre if you would like one.
  • Evelyn is a  trained Mental Health First Aider. This means she have been trained to have an in depth understanding of mental health and the factors that can affect wellbeing. Please speak to one of them if you are concerned about your mental health as they will be able to guide you to further support.
  • Wellbeing Champions – We have dedicated parents who act as Wellbeing Champions. They have important role in school and are helping to reduce the stigma around mental health. This year they have met with Evelyn regularly and helped to develop our wellbeing ethos, provided feedback on wellbeing activities and suggested how we can develop wellbeing further. Please speak to Evelyn if you are interested in becoming a Wellbeing Champion.
  • In May 2019, our parent Wellbeing Champions organised a wellbeing coffee morning. The aim was to provide other parents and carers with the opportunity to meet new people and to discuss ways we can look after our wellbeing. We have more coffee mornings planned next year.
  • Over the past year, our school has hosted a number of courses for parents/carers which aimed to help improve their overall wellbeing. These include Anger Management (Autumn 2018), Improve Your Mood through Art (Autumn 2018), Understanding Your Child’s Behaviour (Spring 2019) and Care for the Family – Dad Parenting Course (Summer 2019).
  • We are currently running a Boost programme for parents which aims to develop positive wellbeing and emotional resilience. If you are interested in attending the next Boost programme, please let Evelyn know and she will put your name down. Contact her on 0161 437 2872 or email:

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