At Newall Green Primary school, we believe that pupils should take responsibility for setting high expectations for behaviour within our school.  Each class creates their own Class Charter which is based on the rights of the child.  There is no set standard for each class charter, although there are expectations that need to be met (see appendix F) This charter sets out the expectations for effective learning behaviours in each class and ensures that every child has access to their rights and that we are respecting the rights of those around us.  

Creating a class charter makes the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child a real and meaningful guide to action for adults and children on a day-to-day basis. Charters are democratically negotiated using the Convention and replace a list of rules with mutual agreements. The actions agreed between all children ensure that rights can be realised and enjoyed by everyone. For example, if children agree to ‘listen in class’ they are realising their own access to article 29 as well as other’s right to access that article. 

Pupils work with the adults in their classrooms to identify the roles of Rights Holders (children) and Duty Bearers (adults) to ensure that these rights are respected.  Every pupil and adult signs the class charter, agreeing to respect the chosen rights for themselves and others with their responsible and respectful behaviour.    

We have created a whole school charter at Newall Green.  Through consideration of the fifty-four articles in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the pupils and staff, identified the key rights for our whole school charter.  These rights apply to all pupils and staff.

1. Article 2 – we have the right to be protected from discrimination – we respect each other’s differences and treat everyone equally.   

2.Article 19 and 24 – we have the right to be protected from being hurt and mistreated – we will be kind to others in our words and actions and will treat others the way that we want to be treated.    

3. Article 28, 29 and 31 – we have the right to a good quality education and to develop our talents and abilities – we try our best in all that we do and respect differences.  We make sure that we don’t interrupt others when learning.   

4. Article 29 and 31 – we have the right to learn using a range of different styles – we have a positive attitude to all that we do and do not interrupt others when they are learning.  

5. Article 12, 13 and 14 – we have the right to be listened to and have our opinions heard – we listen to others and share our own ideas. 

6. Article 24 – we have the right to learn in a safe and clean environment – we look after our school and the resources in it.   

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At Newall Green we want to celebrate and recognise the positive attitudes, behaviour and work of our pupils.  Every Friday, children meet in their key stages where their hard work and good behaviour is celebrated.  

Each week, two members of the class will receive either the Star of the Week or Rights Respecting award which is presented to them in front of their key stage.   During the assembly, teachers celebrate the achievements and behaviour of the pupils chosen and states why the child has achieved the award.  They will also wear a lanyard for the following week.   

During this assembly children are also encouraged to bring in any awards they have achieved outside of school. It is important to us that their achievements outside of school are also celebrated.

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