Latest Ofsted Report

This school continues to be good.

That's the verdict of the inspectors who visited our school this month. We are delighted with their report which praises so many of the things we are proud of about our school.

We'd like to thank everyone; the staff, parents, students and governors who played a part in our inspection, and who shared their views.

You can find a link to the full report below, but we'd like to include highlights which show why we are so grateful for the positive culture and hard work from everyone at Newall Green Primary School

The proportion of children who achieve a good level of development at the end of the Reception Year continues to be above the national average.

By the time pupils leave key stage 2, they typically do better than other pupils nationally in reading, writing and mathematics.

The new behaviour policy you introduced last year is having a positive impact on pupils’ behaviour and attitudes. Inspectors observed good behaviour across the school.

Parents said that the school ensures that their children are safe and cared for well.

Pupils said they are happy at school. They said lessons are fun and pupils behave well in lessons.

Pupils were keen to talk about their learning. Older pupils spoke with enthusiasm about the many roles and responsibilities they have.

Full report:   https://files.api.ofsted.gov.uk/v1/file/50034903

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At Newall Green Primary School, we are a Peace Mala and Rights Respecting School. We provide an environment where the children feel happy, safe and ready to learn.
We use the five key skills for life; problem solving, teamwork, self-management (initiative, organisation, accountability), self-belief (confidence, resilience, positive attitude), and communication, so we are ‘Aiming High to Reach Our Goals’.

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