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Leave of Absence Request Form

Newall Green Primary School’s policy has changed to fall in line with Manchester Education Committee’s policy on children taking leave of absence during school term time.

We need therefore to advise you of the following:

Newall Green Primary School considers all requests for leave of absence in term time very seriously and will only authorise such requests under exceptional circumstances. It is widely recognised that the educational outcomes and future life chances of children and young people can be significantly impacted upon by periods of absence. Therefore we want to encourage parents to ensure that their child attends school every day.

An amendment has been made to The Education (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations 2006 which came into force 1st September 2013.

The new Regulations remove all reference to family holidays and extended leave as well as the statutory threshold of ten school days. The amendments make clear that head teachers may not grant any leave of absence during term time for holidays. Where the head teacher/principal deems the leave request to have exceptional circumstances, then authorised leave may be granted and only the head teacher/principal can determine the number of school days a child can be away from school/academy.

It is the responsibility of the parent/s/carers to check directly with their child/ren’s school for holiday term dates prior to booking any leave. If parent/s/carers wish to book leave in advance they need to be aware the school calendar may change and it is the parents/carers responsibility to obtain written and verbal confirmation that the school holiday calendar will remain the same.

Where parents/carers live separately consideration will be made as to the appropriateness of issuing a penalty notice to each parent. Each case will be assessed individually.

A school/academy should be able to demonstrate they communicated with parent/carers informing them of the possible consequences if taking unauthorised leave of absence.

It is good practice that schools and academies communicate closely before decisions are made for leave of absence during term-time. It is not appropriate for schools/academies to remove pupils from roll for leave of absence in term time where siblings at different schools/academies may record unauthorised absence.

If you decide to request / take leave of absence during term time for your child / children you need to be aware of the following:

Under the Anti-Social Behavior Act 2003 an authorised officer of the City Council has the power to issue each parent / carer with a Penalty Notice for each of their children who fail to attend school regularly. A Penalty Notice is an early deterrent which is intended to prevent more extended periods of absence developing. 

Each such Penalty Notice incurs a fine of £120 to be paid within 28 days, this is reduced to £60 if paid within 21 days of the notice being served. 

Failure to pay the Penalty Notice may result in legal proceedings being taken against you. Other statutory action may also be considered under the Education Act 1996, which may result in you being summoned to the Magistrates Court. If found guilty you will receive a criminal record and may receive a fine of £2500 and / or 3 months imprisonment. 

The same action may also be taken if you take your child out of school during term time without submitting a leave of absence request to the Head Teacher. 

If you wish to discuss any aspect of school's Attendance Policy or read the document in full please contact the School Office or visit: www.newallgreen.manchester.sch.uk/policies

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