Pupil of the Day Competition


Rights Respecting ‘Pupil of the day’ badge competition

The school council would like you to design a new ‘Pupil of the day’ badge.  The design needs to have ‘pupil of the day’ written on it, but also should show that we are a Rights Respecting, nurture and Peace Mala school.

Pupil of the Day

Rights Respecting

We have the right to an education.    

We have the right to relax, play and rest.

We have the right to a safe, clean home. 

We have the right to be listened to.

We have the right to share our thoughts and opinions freely. 

We have the right to be safe from discrimination. 

We have the right to food, clothing and a safe place to live.

We have the right to the best healthcare possible, clean water and healthy food and a safe environment to live in.   

Peace Mala

We are compassionate         We are tolerant            We forgive      We show courage      

We show empathy       We respect       We are patient

Please draw your design on a blank piece of paper and hand in to your school councillor by Wednesday 1st March.  The school council will choose the winners and then the winning designs will be used for the new pupil of the day badges.  Don’t forget to add colour!

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Our Mission Statement...

At Newall Green Primary School, we are a Peace Mala and Rights Respecting School. We provide an environment where the children feel happy, safe and ready to learn.
We use the five key skills for life; problem solving, teamwork, self-management (initiative, organisation, accountability), self-belief (confidence, resilience, positive attitude), and communication, so we are ‘Aiming High to Reach Our Goals’.

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