Our Display work

4JEs Trip to Chester Zoo, by Mr Edwards

Technology Toy Day, by Miss Granger

Chinese New Year Stay & Play, by Miss Granger

Learning in Nursery!, by Mrs Richardson

Year 4 Egyptian Day, by Mr Edwards

Trip to Manchester Museum, by Mr Edwards

Year 3 Trip to Chester, by Mr Edwards

RDC Farm Trip, by Miss Connolly

RDC Imagine That Trip!, by Miss Connolly

Spring Planting, by Mr Edwards

World Book Day 2023, by Miss Redford

Big Birdwatch January 2023, by Miss Redford

Remembrance Day 2022, by Miss Gough

Kindness Week 2022, by Miss Gough

Pod Baking, by Mr Whitfield

1KF 14.9.22 Numeracy, by Mr Whitfield

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Newall Green Primary School
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Our Mission Statement...

At Newall Green Primary School, we are a Peace Mala and Rights Respecting School. We provide an environment where the children feel happy, safe and ready to learn.
We use the five key skills for life; problem solving, teamwork, self-management (initiative, organisation, accountability), self-belief (confidence, resilience, positive attitude), and communication, so we are ‘Aiming High to Reach Our Goals’.

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